Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spit-up, Graduation, New York, Sleepless Nights, Endless Love...

Welcome! So, technically Adam and I started this blog two years ago...but never made an entry. I decided recently we needed to change that because there has been SO much going on in the Willard household, we wanted everyone to be aware of the changes, challenges, and amazing new events in our lives!

First things first...Adam and I welcomed our first child into the world on September 10, 2010 - Cruz Erik Willard. I'll post later about how we came up with his name...its an interesting story. From the first moment, Cruz has captured our hearts and continues to do so as he grows and learns new things everyday - he is our sweet, red-haired, blue-eyed little man who looks just like his daddy and unfortunately has the unyielding passion of his times we call him our bi-polar child. He is not afraid to let us know how he's feeling, whether it's happy, sad, or mad as fire - but we wouldn't have it any other way. I am constantly amazed at our Savior who somehow thought I deserved such a giant blessing as having Cruz in my life; not to mention blessing me with an amazing husband and father who walks with me through it all EVERYday. I never knew what anyone meant when they said it hurt to love something or someone so much, but now I can definitely relate.

On other news, Adam and I officially began the application process with AIM, Africa Inland Mission, last fall. We cannot tell you how long we searched and prayed for the right organization to serve with, and finally, we feel the Lord led us to AIM. Again, I'll post about them and our experience with the application process later, this post is just a basic introduction/overview of the big events in our lives lately! We will finish up the paper part of our application in the next couple of weeks and then start an ongoing conversation with the man in charge of job requests about the calling we feel God has placed on our lives, which will eventually lead us to our placement in Africa! We will head up to New York in April for candidate week where we will offically be handed our placement...and then it's all about support raising, planning, and a lot of prayer!

After 3 1/2, will be 4 in May, long years, Adam and I will FINALLY finish our seminary degrees and take that expensive, exciting, unbelieveable walk across the graduation stage in May. I already tear up every time I think of graduation, because graduation means moving and leaving our life here in New Orleans, but we are excited about our next steps. We have loved, loved, loved living in New Orleans - it was our first home together as a married couple, we had our first child here, we have cried/laughed/grown/learned/been stretched in every way possible here, and made some of the best friends we know we will keep for a lifetime. I'll post more about graduation, seminary life, what we have learned, and our next steps later too.

Thank you to whoever is reading this blog...thank you for caring what is changing in our lives, for investing in us, for putting up with my nil blogger skills, and listening to my rambling! My hope and prayer is that we can continue to update our blog to allow everyone a clear picture of our future and what God is doing in our lives - thank you for letting us share!


  1. I'm glad you're doing a blog...this is exciting! I'm so excited for y'all and can't wait for all of your hard work in college to come to an end so you can experience your dream of mission work in Africa. You guys are a blessing to all who meet you and I love yall bunches!! =)

  2. YAy! Yay! YAAAAAAAAAA... YAy for the blog; not for moving.. But you will be sorely missed. Nola loves you too!