Wednesday, February 15, 2012

NOLA bound!

I cannot tell y'all how excited we are to head to New Orleans next week! So excited I actually decided to write a blog post about how extremely excited I am:)

Although I am stoked to head down there for reasons I will list in a few minutes, I'm also a little nervous.
1. We're traveling with two small kids.
2. We're traveling at NIGHT with two small kids.
3. That means (probably) little sleep, lots of packing and repacking, lots of baking and planning. Baking I can handle, it's the planning I have a problem with. Oh well, here we go!

Why I'm so excited:

1. We get to see our family. Enough said. Adam and I have often discussed since we left how our friends we met in New Orleans are some of the most quality individuals we've ever met, and we love them very much:)
2. Beautiful culture. We can't wait to show Cruz and Javan the French Quarter, the parks, maybe catch some music, etc.
3. The FOOD. Poor North Carolina, you try, you really do. And you do have amazing barbecue and sweet tea - you win that one hands down. But New Orleans whips your tail in about everything else. I will be eating constantly for our entire 6 day trip.
4. The drive. I love traveling. And I really like driving at night, call me crazy or weird, but I do. So, despite my fears about driving with two kids through the night, I'm still excited. (Plus, Cruz now has a DVD player for the car we'll use in emergencies - e.g. when he wakes up in the middle of the night while driving and is screaming his head off - thanks to his Papa John and Grandma C). Yay!
5. Our church. We get to go to Celebration for a worship service at some point that weekend, and we're stoked about that - we've missed our church so much! We also get to see down and meet with the Pastor about supporting us during our time in Africa - another big yay!
6. The Zoo. We love the zoo! We plan on taking the boys to the zoo and several other things at some point during the week. New Orleans has a great zoo:)
7. Snoballs. Much different than shaved ice or slushies or snow cones. I LOVE snoballs. No matter how warm it is, I will be buying a few snoballs. I miss Mr. Austin (although his snoballs aren't the best in town, his sweet personality makes up for it) being right across the street...although my new two-child-having hips probably don't.
8. The Weather. Oh yes, I have actually missed the warm humidity. North Carolina is pretty humid too, but it's been chilly the last couple of weeks and I'm ready to be in the 70 degree weather (which is what it's supposed to be according to the 10 day forecast in New Orleans right now).
9. The Memories. We're also looking forward to showing Cruz his first home again (although he's a little young to understand) and introducing Javan to NOLA. We have such great memories here, we can't wait to show some of those to the boys while we're still in the States.
10. I get to try out some fun new recipes to bring for some healthy snacks for the boys and for us:)

Although there are so so many more reasons I'm excited about going back to New Orleans, these are just a few that popped into my head this morning. Ready or not, here we come!


  1. Driving at night with the boys is the only way to do it!! i was nervous when we did the 15hr trip to GA from TX, but i worked out great. i'll pray it works as well for y'all :)